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 I am a Lake Tahoe, CA-based drone, MoVI, and jib operator for motion productions. I’ve been providing camera movement services worldwide for companies such as Apple, RedBull, Nikon, Adobe, Infiniti, Imagine-Docs, G-Tech, and Vail Resorts since 2013. I’ve been on production from high in the Himalayas to Silicon Valley Campuses. I'm as comfortable with a small footprint crew in a remote corner of the world as I am on big commercial shoots. 


 Before turnkey drones and gimbals were available, I built my own. I have a wide set of troubleshooting skills and knowledge to keep the latest equipment operational. I am an experienced pilot, operator, and tech who loves camera movement.


With my background in mountain sports, action-adventure films have been a natural fit. The outdoors, pushing personal limits, and friendships forged through shared experience are a steady source of meaning for humans. I feel privileged to contribute to the telling of such stories in my professional life. 


  • Part 107 certified remote pilot

  • DJI Inspire 3

  • DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine

  • Movi and Jib Operator

  • Tech troubleshooting wizard




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